Why Do Adults Struggle To Play Golf?

26 03 2010

Very simply ……. CO-ORDINATION or lack of it. Our story begins when we are kids. I must be clear, in my experience a lot of kids who come to play golf at one of the facilities that i have taught at turn out to have the potential and skills to be very good golfers. Some who come to play really struggle with basic co-ordination. As we know golf can be a difficult game at the best of times to any age – but kids can have a great head start with any game using a ball if certain basic skills can be learnt at an early age. Skills like …. throwing & catching, kicking a ball, bouncing a tennis ball up & down on a racket, touching your nose with your finger. Unfortunately in today’s society parents (Quite rightly) are reluctant to allow their kids out to play unsupervised in parks or even in the street that they live in. So apart from school and the odd supervised excercise session kids end up being placed in front of a TV watching poor kids shows or playing on their Playstation / Wii / X-Box. Fitness and co-ordination starts at home from parents, then into schools where teachers must deliver more and better PE classes. The 2 hours a week PE that my daughter receives while at school seems of a poor standard – based on mainly running around and trying to tire the kids out for the next teacher. Schools strive to get kids to take part rather than succeed and there are no winners or losers – This is a notion that as a single minded golfer i find hard to understand or swallow (This is another subject though!)

One example of this is a few Sunday’s ago i took my wife, daughter and my daughters friend to play tennis in the local park. In the 1 hours court time my daughters friend hit the ball twice! I mentioned it to the Father of my daughter’s friend and i discovered that neither of the parents or sister played any ball sport or encouraged her to. She was given a new book rather than a ball for Christmas……

Unfortunately by the time our Playstation kids turn into adults and actually want to play a sport, unless they have been involved in it from an early age they will find it increasingly difficult to progress to a highly proficient standard at the given sport. They may enjoy the game that they have choosen but at a lesser level and many will continue to be frustrated by that sport.

Buy your kid a ball not a book for Christmas!



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